Selenium Testing Tasks

  1. Grab page title and place title text in answer slot #1
  2. Fill out name section of form to be Kilgore Trout
  3. Set occupation on form to Sci-Fi Author
  4. Count number of blue_boxes on page after form and enter into answer box #4
  5. Click link that says 'click me'
  6. Find red box on its page find class applied to it, and enter into answer box #6
  7. Run JavaScript function as: ran_this_js_function() from your Selenium script
  8. Run JavaScript function as: got_return_from_js_function() from your Selenium script, take returned value and place it in answer slot #8
  9. Mark radio button on form for written book? to Yes
  10. Get the text from the Red Box and place it in answer slot #10
  11. Which box is on top? orange or green -- place correct color in answer slot #11
  12. Set browser width to 850 and height to 650
  13. Type into answer slot 13 yes or no depending on whether item by id of ishere is on the page
  14. Type into answer slot 14 yes or no depending on whether item with id of purplebox is visible
  15. Waiting game: click the link with link text of 'click then wait' a random wait will occur (up to 10 seconds) and then a new link will get added with link text of 'click after wait' - click this new link within 500 ms of it appearing to pass this test
  16. Click OK on the confirm after completing task 15
  17. Click the submit button on the form

Test form / area to manipulate

Occupation: Wrote Book Didn't Write Book

Blue boxes to count

Links to click

Link 1 Link 2 click me

click then wait

Red box to inspect

Boxes to check arrangement of

Answer slots

1. Title of page:
4. Number of blue boxes?:
6. Class of red box?:
8. Value of return from got_return_from_js_function?:
10. Text from the red box:
11. Which box is on top? Orange or Green:
13: Is an item with id of ishere on this page enter yes or no
14: Is item with id of purplebox visible on this page? enter yes or no
Purple Box to check for visibility
Bottom Div -- Scroll to me